Pool Table Care to Extend the Life of Your Table

pool table care

Your pool table is an investment that should last for years. However, part of the longevity of your table depends on how you care for it. Pool table care includes proactive chores to keep the table clean. Plus, you must take preventative steps to keeping the table and its surface from damage. Find out how to care for your pool table to keep it looking great and giving you exceptional gameplay for years.

Cleaning as Part of Pool Table Care

You need to take care of your pool table, especially the cloth because old, dirty pool felt contaminates the balls which will travel slower and stick more. Regular cleaning includes wiping off balls and the pool cloth after play. Failing to do so allows chalk to build up and dirty the surface.

To provide the table cloth with a deeper cleaning, brush it once a month or vacuum with a small unit that does not have rotating brushes or exceptional pulling power.

Preventing Damage to the Pool Table

One of the most important parts of pool table care is preventing damage to the surface. Therefore, use a cover to protect the cloth from damage between uses. Also, never allow people to put drinks or anything other than balls or ball racks onto the surface of the table. Provide seating around your pool table to keep players from sitting or leaning on the rails.

Restorative Services to Improve the Life of Your Pool Table

Even the best kept pool tables will require service eventually. The most common is cloth replacement. You will likely need this service more often if you scratch the felt. However, some people simply want to upgrade the appearance of their pool table with another color for the cloth.

Other services you may need include tune up to ensure the table is level, bumper replacement, and pocket replacement. When moving, you may require relocation services to safely get your pool table to its new destination, whether across town or simply to another room of your home.

Get Help with Pool Table Care at A&C Billiards and Barstools

Whether you need services to restore your pool table or items to keep it protected and clean, trust us at A&C Billiards and Barstools. Visit us in person at our City of Industry, California, showroom to see our selection of pool tables and game room must-haves. Or contact us to schedule services for your pool table. We’re dedicated to helping you find quality pool tables and keep them looking great for years.












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