Pool Cue Purchase: 6 Things to Consider Beforehand

Pool Cue

From Jason Owen to Peradon cues, Stamford to John Parris cues, choosing the right pool cue for you can be an overwhelming task.

To make your work easier, we’ve assembled the top tips you should consider before buying a snooker cue.

Pool Cue

Tip Size
You can play pool with a tip size from 9mm to 11mm. Cue sticks with smaller tip sizes are great for spin shots. However, you have to be accurate when striking the ball.

On the other hand, larger tips provide greater accuracy. However, they are not very accurate for spin shots.

Cue Length
Most snooker cues measure 57” to 58” long. Smaller sticks shorten the bridge hand to ball and, thus, provide a greater touch around the balls in close quarters. The sticks are excellent for breaking, but are not great for spin shots and long potting.

Cue Weight
Generally, cue sticks are weighted in or around 16oz to 18oz.  Lighter cues provide more control over the ball. These sticks are great to use at the business end of the table.

For straighter cue action, go with heavier sticks. These cues offer more balance and are, thus, excellent for deep screw shots and long potting.

The Wood
The best cue sticks are made from maple or ash. These two materials have similar characteristics. When going to buy a stick, pick the wood that feels best for you.

Other things you should consider before buying a cue include the hardness of the wood and the straight grain arrows that point towards the tip. The wood you choose should have as little imperfections as possible.

One Piece or Jointed?
This is another personal decision to make. You may want a 1-piece cue, but keep in mind it can be harder to transport. Today, jointed cues are made excellently and it is uncommon for them to split.

Low-quality cues are usually made on machines and are cheap. On the other hand, high-quality cues are handmade, but are expensive.

If you can afford it, go for a handmade cue stick. You can also find affordable handmade cues on our site, A & C Billiards and Barstools.

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