Pool Cue Guidelines from WPA and Your Cue Options

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Looking for a new pool cue? You have options that include those affordably priced cues for beginners up to professional-grade pool cues used by tournament players. However, pool cue size is a personal issue, especially the length. Therefore, you may want to look at cues in person or try out different lengths at a pool hall before deciding on one to purchase for yourself.

Pool Cue Stick Length

Pool cue length depends on the player. Some short players opt for longer cues to extend their reach, so they don’t have to lean over the table. Others opt for a bridge to extend their reach instead of choosing a longer cue.

Consequently, the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) does not have a maximum length for pool cues used in tournaments. Cues must have a minimum length of 40 inches, though.

Weight of Cues

Cues can vary in weight but should not weigh more than 25 ounces. The total weight of the cues is less important than how balanced it is. A well-balanced cue should allow for comfortable positioning in your hands to aim and move.

Cue Tip Widths

Cue tips have a maximum width of 14 mm, and they should not scratch the balls or table surface from their material. Pool cues use a variety of materials for their tips in soft and hard leather forms. Soft tips are better for beginners while hard tips offer more accuracy.

Over time, the cue tip will wear out, requiring replacement. At the same time that you replace the tip, consider total pool cue service to restore it to a like-new state.

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