Poker Tables to Provide Hours of Enjoyment

Few games bring such timeless pleasure as card games and the king of them all is poker. With simple rules but competitive gameplay, this game is ideal for gatherings. However, to enhance the experience, skip the cheap, wobbly card table. Invest in one of our long-lasting real-wood poker tables that will make home game play more like that professional players experience.

Why Poker Is So Popular

You may blame the poker trend on televised poker competitions and reality shows. However, it has possible origins dating as far back as the 10th century or as recent as the 17th century. The 10th century in China, the emperor played a similar game with dominos. Six centuries later, Persians played a card game called “as nas.” But the closest in name and format comes from a 17th century French card game named “poque.” Germany had their own version of this game that the people called “pochen.” Both may have been inspired by the Spanish game of primero, in which bluffing and betting were common.

Of course, traveling adventurers and colonists could easily pack cards in their bag to pass the time on the journey to their destinations and when they arrived. French settlers did just this, bringing poque to their American colonies, including New Orleans and Louisiana.

Americans became enamored with poque but changed the name to poker and dealt five cards to each person. Also, by 1834, they could use a modern deck with 52 cards. From New Orleans, poker traveled on riverboats up the Mississippi River and west to the frontier.

Televised airings of poker wouldn’t come until the 1970s, but those would increase the popularity of one form of poker, Texas Hold ‘Em. Today, poker remains popular both inside and outside of homes.

The Difference Quality Poker Tables Make

When playing cards, the surface does make a difference. For instance, playing poker on a dining room table can allow for cards to slip off the polished wood surface. Additionally, the lack of a raised edge around the table can allow people to slip cards or chips out of view.

Poker tables ensure the cards and chips stay in place when put onto the cloth surface. A high lip around the edge keeps all components on the table and in clear view of each player. Cupholders installed in this lip protect the cards from moisture or spilled drinks during play.

Also, one of the things that makes some poker tables unique is their distinctive shape that ensures no two players sit abreast of each other, where they could see the other’s cards. However, with Texas Hold ‘Em tables, two players may sit on the two elongated sides of the table.

Choosing from a Large Selection of Poker Tables

One of the major problems encountered with our customers is having to choose only one table from our large selection of poker tables. With solid wood finishes, seating for up to six, and a range of styles and colors, choosing is difficult. However, poker tables are pieces of furniture that should fit with the appearance of the rest of the room. Use the existing style as a starting place to decide on traditional, contemporary, or another style. Then narrow down the options.

For those who cannot seem to find exactly what they want, we do offer customization of gaming tables. First, select a poker table, then choose the wood, finish, color, and other options to create a design that perfectly fits expectations.

Bring Home One of Our Poker Tables from A&C Billiards and Barstools

For a home staple that enhance play, choose one of our high-quality poker tables. We have ordering online or in our City of Industry, CA, store. Feel free to contact us with any questions or to find out more about our store, the selection of poker tables we offer, or anything else. Use our online form or call us at A&C Billiards and Barstools at (626) 810-1388.


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