Points to Consider Before You Buy a Pool Table

Modern Pool Table

Whether you’re great at billiards or you could really use some practice, having your own table can be a lot of fun. After all, a rousing game of billiards is an excellent way to entertain friends and simply pass the time alone.

However, there are some things you need to consider before you rush right out and buy your own table. Use these tips to help you figure out if buying is best for you and what kind of table you should get if so.

Modern Pool Table

Do You Like Playing?
Whether or not you like to play pool should be an obvious consideration when you’re thinking about buying a table. If you love the game, buying your own table can be very rewarding and worth the investment.

If you would play once or few times per week, buying could be a smart first step toward a new hobby.

Do You Have Space?
Before you rush out to buy your own table you need to make sure you have space for one. There are tables of different sizes, but even smaller models require open space with ample room on each side to line up shots.

Make sure you have free space for at least a small table if you’re thinking of buying.

Total Cost
If you’ve decided that a pool table of your own could be beneficial and worth the investment, the next thing you need to figure out is how much you can really afford to spend. While some of this simply has to do with cash flow, you also need to consider future use and upgrading to a better table down the road.

Deciding whether you should buy used or new is also an important consideration. New tables obviously come in excellent shape, but you may be able to buy a high-quality used table for less if you do your homework.

If you do decide to buy used, make sure you check out the table in person. Take note of any damage that needs to be repaired before you buy.

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