Playing billiards: How can playing billiards improve your health?

playing billiards

How can playing billiards improve your health?


When people play billiards, they improve their skills and have a great time with their friends. However, there are certain health benefits that come with playing billiards. We have listed some of these benefits below for your convenience.


Firstly, playing billiards improves your posture due to its physical benefits. So what do you think? The only way to maintain good posture is to improve your balance, so it’s simple and logical to do so. In addition to core strength, billiards requires you to hold certain positions without moving in order to achieve precision.

The posture must also be adjusted and changed throughout the game. Flexibility is also often required for this upright activity. You can place yourself however you want according to the rules, so long as you keep one foot on the ground! Consequently, all muscles can be used and tested.

Health Benefits of Playing Billiards 

1. Building Focus

If you want to perfect the break or get the perfect angle to bank in the shot without knocking the 8 ball, you will need a lot of focus when playing billiards. Therefore, you always have to pay attention while you are at the game. Your ability to notice every minute detail and to focus on each task while eliminating any external stimulus is significant for everyone. When you play billiards, you can also build up many skills that can be useful to you outside the game. 

2. Burning calories

Most people do not consider playing billiards a strenuous activity. And, you will also not feel breathless while you play the game. It does not mean that you will not be able to burn some calories when playing the game.


The average player walks around one mile in a single game of billiards. It may not feel like much, but in contrast to sitting on the couch and enjoying television, it is much more to help you burn calories. 

3. Sharpening the mind

People who play billiards and pool often tend to possess sharper minds. With a pool, you can perform mental mathematical calculations and estimates, like physics and geometry. These are important skills to calculate trajectories and precise angles to know the force that needs to be applied during the strike so as not to over or undershoot a target. If you have a sharp mind, you will be able to think faster on your feet and pick up the little details. 

4. Enables balance and stretching

Playing billiards requires more stretching than a person will be willing to do. If you bend across the top of the table in order to get to the cue ball at a perfect angle, the player will need to be moderately flexible. This flexibility is especially important for complex shots. The pool also improves your balance as the game will need you to stand on a single foot at a time and promote your stability. 

5. Working on posture

Billiards help you to improve your posture. This will also enable you to work on your balance. Without even speaking of core strength, billiards make you hold some positions without needing to move, which will help you get a precise shot. Additionally, you must change and adapt your posture throughout your game. This will also help you to stay flexible. 

6. Neurological benefits

If you encourage your children to learn billiards, it will help them acquire a lot of knowledge and build up skills. Such skills include improved cognitive skills and better critical thinking. Hand-eye coordination and focus are the key strategies of a billiard player. Comparing and picking pockets and routes for the ball while predicting the next move of your opponent will involve calculating impact, force, and speed. Your brain will be focused and present.


7. Building Control

Individuals who play billiards do not panic and are level-headed during times of crisis. So, people playing these games think logically and clearly, which allows them to recognize details and facts to take action without getting hysterical.

8. Toning muscles

Playing billiards will provide a good low-impact toning of your back, leg, and hip muscles pertaining to reaching and bending to facilitate exercises that are found in movements of cue strokes.

9. Slowing down the aging 

During a game of billiards, men enjoy beer. This helps older men to remain active and fight against the process of aging. As a result, they always have time to turn to casual activity, which keeps them young and slows down aging.


10. No age barrier 

It is possible to lay similar board games whenever you want, regardless of your age or gender, so you can make it a regular family event. You can teach and play billiards to anyone from your youngest nephew to your spouse’s great-grandmother, ensuring everyone gets to play.

11. Improved hand-to-eye coordination 

The game of pool can also improve your coordination between your eyes and hands. Even though the above bullet discusses how pool can sharpen the mind, if a player can’t apply these calculations to the table, then it’s all for nothing. Playing pool requires hand-eye coordination, which is crucial to success. It becomes easier for your hands to accomplish minute, finite tasks since they become swift and agile.

12. Better cognitive skills 

In pool, mental stimulation involves visualizing and problem-solving skills, and players constantly improvise to get good positions on further shots as their skills improve.


While playing billiards, you will be able to build your concentration and focus. This will provide you with some cognitive health benefits. Moreover, you will be able to tone your muscles and burn some calories by keeping your body moving. Your body will also learn how to stretch and balance while your brain improves its critical thinking. Lastly, it will make you age slower, and you will have a better posture.

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