Plan a Game Room Space for a Holiday Pool Table

If a pool table is in the plans for the holiday season, ensuring that the table will fit in the space is essential. How much space is required to accommodate the pool table and play depends on the size of the table. Don’t forget about accessory storage, too. Here are the things to consider when planning space if purchasing a pool table as a holiday gift.

Pool Table Sizes

The size of the pool table plays a significant role in how much space the game room needs. However, these tables may provide different measurements. For instance, some pool tables may list the playing area and the dimensions of the table itself.

For a seven-foot table, the playing area is typically 39 inches by 78 inches. Notice, that neither dimension meets the 84 inches in seven feet. The discrepancy comes from the width of the bumpers around the table. An eight-foot table will have a playing area of 44 inches by 88 inches. Lastly, a nine-foot table has a playing space of 50 inches by 100 inches. In each instance, the length measures twice the width, which also matches the ratio of the table’s actual length and width since bumpers have the same size on all sides of the table.

Playing Area Around the Table and Cue Length

When planning playing area, the size of the table plays one part. However, the length of the cues used also makes a difference. For example, shorter cues require less space in the room because the cues don’t extend as far behind the player as longer ones. Therefore, a 48-inch cue used with a seven-foot table requires a space of 11.25-feet by 14.5-feet. However, a 57-inch cue on the same table will require at least 12.75-feet by 16 feet.

See our game room space planner for more detailed requirements based on table and cue size.

Storage for Pool Table Accessories

Don’t forget to have space for pool table accessories. Cue racks and game room furniture should not get in the way of the player or watchers during the game. Consequently, even if a game room has adequate space around it for a table, the room will be too small if the players run into furnishings or storage. Take this caveat into account when choosing a pool table to avoid problems during play.

Let A&C Billiards and Barstools Become the First Choice for Pool Tables and Services

After finalizing a choice of pool table and ensuring that it and accessory storage will fit into a game room, don’t forget installation. At A&C Billiards and Barstools, we offer services such as pool table set up and moving to protect the table from damage and ensure that it has all the pieces properly fitted together. Whether purchasing a new pool table for the holidays or getting it set up, trust us at A&C Billiards and Barstools to help. 


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