Places for Custom Barstools Outside the Bar

custom barstools

You don’t have to have a bar to invest in custom barstools. In fact, because you can dictate the specific size and style of these stools, they have multiple uses throughout the home. Some people choose creative uses for basic barstools, but you can have high-quality barstools for seating in various places throughout your home.

Game Room

Game rooms often have gaming chairs or similar seats that are higher than typical chairs. The added height makes it easier to quickly get on and off the chair and to watch the action on the nearby tables. Custom barstools can be great options for your game room because you can choose the height you need, whether the chairs swivel, and if they have arms and backs. Customizing your game room barstools gives you the best option for the amount of space in your game room and seating that you prefer.

Breakfast Bar

Many homes have breakfast bars. Sadly, these counters rarely get used beyond the application of a storage spot for unopened mail and keys. Why not add custom barstools to your bar and turn it into a functional seating area for casual meals? This application also adds a spot for kids to do homework instead of taking over the dining room table. Make the most of your breakfast bar by customizing barstools to fit under the bar comfortably.


Patios often have causal seating in the form of lounge chairs. Why not add counter height tables and custom barstools on the patio for additional seating? These options make it easier for parents to sit nearby and have an elevated look over the pool to watch over their kids. Or, you can use the seats for entertaining and providing your guests with seating options. With counter-height tables and barstools, guests can sit or stand and still be close to eye level, so those sitting and standing can participate in conversations.

Discover the Limitless Possibilities for Custom Barstools from A&C Billiards and Barstools

The number of ways to use custom barstools around your home is only limited by your imagination. With so many ways to change aspects of the stools, you can create seating that will work anywhere. Start the process by visiting our custom barstool page. Feel free to reach out to us if you have questions about customizing your barstool or any of our other products or services at A&C Billiards and Barstools.






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