Perfect cue: How to buy a perfect cue stick?

How to buy a perfect cue stick?

In case you have just started to play billiards, or if you are considering how to start, then we will tell you how you can choose the perfect cue. You will not understand how a poor cue stick can jeopardize your game until you start using the right one. You can find below the helpful tips that will enable you to buy the right cue stick.

How to buy a perfect cue stick?

1. Setting a budget

You must first decide how much you are willing to spend buying the perfect cue stick. If you have a specific price limit, you can be selective regarding what kind of cue you will choose. If you want an affordable but quality cue stick, your budget must be around one hundred dollars.

Factors affecting the cost are the kind of material that the cue is made up of, wrap sizes, and types. If you have more than an average height and need a long cue, you have to pay a bit more. Professional cues normally cost around five hundred dollars, but if you are not a professional, you do not need these cues. 

2. Length of the cue

A perfect cue stick with a suitable length must be the first thing you must consider while selecting a new cue for the game. It should accommodate the length of your arm and offer full control of the game. A standard two-piece cue is fifty-eight inches, and anyone with a height of five feet eight inches to six feet five inches can comfortably use it.

A person who has more than the aforementioned height may need a cue stick that is sixty-one inches long. People or children below that average height must opt for a fifty-two inches or forty-eight inches cue.

3. Number of pieces

Most cues come in one or two pieces. The idea is that one piece cues are the most suitable for game performance as they do not have any joints or moving parts in the shaft. Thus, shot power gets transmitted directly and cleanly from the arm into a cue ball. However, with the modern practices of cue making and the use of materials of good quality, this idea is outdated. Any proper three piece or two piece cue will be as good as a one piece cue, and professional players also use them.

The main advantage of using a two billiard cue is its portability. It can be quickly packed and unscrewed into a cue case or a smaller bag. This makes it easy to carry. Modern cue joints are made of metal and machined precisely for a firm and secure fit. If tightened further, there will be no shot power loss, and the cue will be entirely straight.

There are some three piece cues. These have the main joint at the midpoint of the cue with an additional second joint. This is done to have a short section around eight inches that one can remove quickly for clearance in the tight spots.

4. Weight of the cue

Cue sticks have a different variety of weights. There are certain things that you need to consider while choosing the weight of the cue. Professional players of billiards choose pool cue sticks that weigh around nineteen ounces, and it is good for beginners to choose pool sticks that are light, around fifteen ounces, while they still learn to pocket tough shots with much ease. When you strike a cue ball with a light cue stick, it is likely to go in the direction where you are aiming, even if your strike is a bit off-center.

5. Diameter of your cue tip

Cue tips have different sizes. The diameter of the cue tip can also affect your game immensely. While the cue tips of a smaller diameter have advanced players putting a side spin on your cue ball, cue tips with larger diameters help the new players pocket balls easily.

It is a recommendation that the new players begin with cue tips more than thirteen mm in diameter. The more the cue tip’s surface area, the more you can land shots easily. As you advance your pool skills, you can experiment with small cue tips and master your side pin.

6. Type of wrap

Wrap options include linen and leather or may have no wrap. You have to keep in mind holding the cues’ wrap part with the back of the hand, which means a large part of the skin will come in contact. If you sweat a lot, it is better to use linen or a leather wrap that will absorb much of your sweat.

You can also choose rubber grip, but they often wear quickly and become slippery. It is best to avoid fiberglass and bare wood as they will not offer a good grip on the cue and can slip.

7. Less vibration

You can test the cue by focusing on what kind of sound it makes when it hits the ball and the vibration it gives. If you hear a loud click when you strike your ball, you will feel a strong vibration. A soft pop sound will denote less vibration.

High-end cues will have a soft sound while hitting the ball and create less vibration through your cue stick. The vibration will affect the smoothness of your shot, so you have to find a stick that has low vibration.


When you want to buy the perfect cue stick, you have to take a lot of factors into your consideration. For instance, you have to choose a cue stick depending on its price, length, weight, diameter, number of pieces, and type of wrap, among many other factors. is a website that will help you to find the perfect cue stick.

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