Outdoor Pool Tables to Withstand Weather

outdoor pool table

Playing pool under the sun on a warm day is an experience that does not have a parallel. However, pool tables have very specific requirements for storage conditions. Therefore, not just any table will work for playing pool outside. Specially designed outdoor pool tables overcome the problems that standard tables have with the elements.

How Temperature and Humidity Affect Traditional Pool Tables

Storage conditions for a pool table can make a major impact on the table’s longevity and playability. For instance, high humidity, which often accompanies warm temperatures, can cause the table felt to have greater resistance. The table also has more friction, resulting in more hops from the cue ball and more unpredictable play. Moisture levels and the damage they cause worsen, even in cold temperatures, when the table has exposure to rain, fog, or snow. 

The wood and felt of a standard pool table do not have the durability to withstand the elements. However, outdoor pool tables overcome these issues.

How Outdoor Pool Table Fare Better in All Weather

Outdoor pool tables do better in inclement conditions, including temperature extremes and high humidity. These tables typically have moisture-resistant cloth on top and non-wood bodies. By using aluminum instead of wood table construction, UV rays, heat, and humidity will not cause warping of the table or premature wear. These tables have an anti-rust coating on the legs to protect them from rain and fog damage.

To protect the surface, instead of a delicate slate, which can react to extremes of heat and cold, this outdoor pool table optionfeatures a thick, sturdy 3/4-inch fiberglass surface that won’t warp, crack, or get water damage.

Even Outdoor Pool Tables Require Care

While outdoor pool tables are resistant to damage, they are not impervious. To extend the life of any outdoor pool table, keep the table in a covered area or use a waterproof cover to protect the surface when not in use. UV rays, dust, leaves, and outdoor animals could all damage even the strongest of outdoor pool table surfaces.

Just as with standard pool tables, take care to brush off the surface regularly to clean off dust and other elements that may settle on the table during play.

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