Modern Pool Tables for Contemporary Spaces

Contrary to some beliefs, pool tables are not all traditionally styled. Therefore, those with contemporary design in their spaces do have options for finding tables for their game rooms. We have a wide selection of modern pool tables to choose from. Find out more about these tables and break your notions of what a pool table should look like.

Designs of Modern Pool Tables

Modern pool tables have simple, clean lines and a minimalist design. However, the playing surfaces and construction are still high-quality enough for use in commercial establishments or homes. The contemporary design of these tables comes from the colors and support appearance.

Olhausen Maxim Pool Table

Modern tables use basic shapes in their designs. For instance, instead of heavy, scrolled legs, these tables tend to have simple legs or those that resemble modern art, like the Olhausen Maxim pool table. This table has stacked supports and has an option to upgrade to an aluminum finish for a streamlined art moderne look.

Olhausen Monterey Pool Table

Modern tables do not have to only use metal to fall into a contemporary design. For example, the Olhausen Monterey is a contemporary take on the minimalist designs of mission-style tables. For example, its use of hardwood straight legs with a trestle pedestal make this a more stylistic option for those who want a blend of modern and classic designs.

The Laredo Pool Table with Kona Finish

Despite its classically inspired farmhouse design legs, the Laredo pool table has a clean style that would fit into any contemporary home. With a solid construction of pine throughout, leather pockets, and silver hammered diamonds.

Olhausen Landmark

Modern designs have deep inspiration from the simple style of geometric shapes. For example, simple triangles and lines give the Olhausen Landmark pool table its signature look. With a V-shaped base and the option for a brushed metallic finish, the Landmark will become the center of attention in any game room.

Find Modern Pool Tables at A&C Billiards and Barstools

Visit our site at A&C Billiards and Barstools for a selection of modern pool tables. First, you can find options from Olhausen and many other brands. Second, we offer custom pool tables for those who cannot find exactly what they want from our existing collection. Lastly, for questions about our modern pool tables or customizing your contemporary table, contact us.


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