Matching Pool Table Lights: A Perfect Pair

The perfect pool table lights should complement the décor of the room while offering ideal illumination for play. How many lights and the number of fixtures depends on the size of the pool table. Longer tables require more lighting to prevent creating shadows. Other factors in getting the ideal lighting over a pool table include the hanging height and type of lamp used over the table. Find out more about these issues to ensure proper installation of pool table lights.

Calculate the Number of Pool Table Lights Required

To ensure adequate lighting for the play area, match the length of the lighting fixture to the pool table length. Fixtures that do not stretch out far enough will cast shadows on the table. Those that measure too long could interfere with play.

The smallest pool tables, usually measuring seven feet in length, require only three lights on a fixture. These fixtures can measure anywhere between 35 and 55 inches in length.

More common pool table lengths of eight feet require 40 to 60 inches for the lighting fixture. These types of fixtures may have three or four lights on them, depending on the length. These tables have overlapping light fixture length requirements with their shorter counterparts. This aspect can be beneficial for those who have a shorter table now but want a longer one eventually. For those who have a seven-foot table with plans to upgrade can use the same lighting fixture over both as long as the light meets the requirements of both.

Lastly, nine-foot-long pool tables need pool table lights that measure at least 60 to 75 inches long. These types of fixtures will have four or five lights to provide the required illumination.

Hang the Lights from the Perfect Height Over the Pool Table

The height of the pool table lights should properly illuminate the table without being at risk of damage from pool cues. Ideal heights for pool table lights are between 40 inches and 70 inches above the playing surface. However, hanging the lights from the correct height does not guarantee an absence of problems. The lights must have the correct orientation to the table.

Center the Pool Table Lights Over the Table

Pool table lights should have their length parallel to the length of the table. Additionally, the lights should hang exactly centered over the table. This centering is critical to preventing shadows, bright spots, and glare. Because moving the light fixture is more difficult than moving the pool table, those installing fixtures must take care to ensure the lights are in a permanent position above the pool table’s place.

A&C Billiards and Barstools Has the Pool Table Lights for Any Décor

With the right lights illuminating the surface, pool playing becomes more enjoyable and similar to regulation play. However, no matter how practical the lights are, they must still fit with the rest of the room’s décor. Find contemporary, classic, rustic, and other designs for pool table lights here at A&C Billiards and Barstools. With dozens of styles, there are ideal lights to match any type of pool room theme.


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