Make More Use of Space with Dining Pool Tables

Space is a premium in many homes. Therefore, to accommodate some additions, homeowners must become creative in the types of furnishings they choose. One way to allow for both billiards and meal space is with one of the many dining pool tables available. These pool tables differ in several significant ways from both traditional dining tables and standard pool tables. Therefore, homeowners must understand what sets dining pool tables apart before investing in one.

Differences Between Standard Pool Tables and Dining Pool Tables

Standard pool tables have a design to optimize the support of their heavy slate surfaces. The legs may be thicker or located closer to the center of the table to accommodate the weight of the slate. Plus, these tables have the playing surface at an ideal height for those standing beside the table, which can range from 29.25 inches to 31 inches from the floor to the table bed, per standards set by the Billiards Congress of America for recreational pool tables.

Dining pool tables must have different designs to allow diners to sit at the table and have their legs comfortably under the surface. These designs may push the legs to the corners of the table or add a central support to the table. In some cases, to allow for the change in leg locations, the surface may use a lighter material than slate or use extra supportive legs.

Why Dining Pool Tables Need Custom-Height Seats

The biggest concern for using dining pool tables is their height. Most dining tables have a surface of 29 inches to 30 inches. However, for pool tables, the height of the bumpers and conversion top can add to the height three to four inches above the playing surface. This makes standard dining chairs not an option when using a dining pool table.

To provide comfort while dining, most manufacturers will offer benches at the appropriate height for use with the table. However, homeowners are also welcome to find benches, stools, or chairs for sitting at the table. Most chairs for use with tables should have a seat 10 inches to 12 inches below the underside of the table to ensure enough legroom for the seated.

When a Conversion Top for a Standard Pool Table Will Suffice

In some instances, using a conversion top with a standard pool table will suffice. Those who may need additional seating for a special occasion such as a holiday dinner or party can use a standard pool table with a conversion top. However, for regular dining, choose a dining pool table for more comfort.

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