Is There a Difference Between One-Piece Slate and Three-Piece Slate Pool Tables?

slate pool tables

If you decide that slate is the best material for your pool table, you may find options that include single-piece and multiple pieces. Which is the best for your method of playing pool? The best choice depends on several factors, including playing, installation, and cost.


One-piece slates don’t have any joints that require special installation or leveling. Therefore, slate pool tables with one-piece surfaces are the easiest to install. This may speed the installation of your table after moving or when you first purchase it.

Slate pool tables with the surface divided into three or more slates require expert installation. Each piece must have proper support to stay level with the other pieces. However, the benefit of installing and leveling each of the three pieces separately is the ability to compensate for sloped floors.


When moving pool tables, a single piece of slate can weigh up to 600 pounds. This makes moving single-piece slate pool tables very difficult. The flat, durable slate does not move easily. With slate tables that have three or more pieces, moving the table is easier because the weight of the surface is divided into multiple pieces, making moving the table easier.

Time and Wear of a Slate Pool Table

The weight of the slate can cause portions of the table to warp over time. With a single-piece slate table, you would need to replace the entire surface. However, for surfaces in three pieces, you only need to replace one of the three pieces.

Both types of pool tables can last forever if you care for them properly and get professional help in moving or setting them up. If you prefer the playing surface of the slate, both one and three-piece surfaces have advantages that make each a good choice for your pool table.

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