Important Things to Consider When Buying Bar and Pub Tables

Buying Bar and Pub Tables

Choosing bar and pub tables for your entertaining space can feel a little tricky with so many different options in the market. The fact is that right bars and pub tables shop can help you a great deal when looking for the best option.

Buying Bar and Pub Tables

Use this guide to learn more about finding the ideal solution for bar and pub tables for your space.

Pick the Right Size
The size of your bar and pub table is the most important aspect of choosing the right option. A table that’s too small won’t accommodate enough guests, but one that’s too big could get in the way of a billiards table or make your room look strange.

Begin by measuring the space where you want to put the table. Leave 18-inches on all sides for seating and block this off with tape in your room. Expand outward until you’ve reached the maximum size for your space.

Choose Your Shape
Square and rectangular tables are common, and for small numbers of guests or a large are they often work well. In very tight spaces, round tables can accommodate more seating.

You’ll also want to look at the shape of other decorative items and accents in your room to try and match them up accordingly.

Consider Height
The height of your table will determine how comfortable your table is. For barstools, you need a counter height table. For chairs, you need a standard table top height.

Choose your seating before you check the bars and pub tables shop that offers a great variety of bar and pub table sets.

Table Top Finish
Table top finishes can range from natural wood to unique laminate. In general, dark wood is easy to clean and care for and looks ideal in many spaces. Match your table top finish to existing wood elements in your room.

Frame Finish
Wood frames are ideal for bar tables in most spaces and they’re easy to care for. Look for light, natural or dark wood frames.

Shopping for bar tables isn’t complex, but there are a lot of choices. Take time to consider your room so you pick the right option the first time.

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