How to Clean a Dartboard

how to clean a dartboard

Dartboards can wear out over time, and the three sections of the dartboard get faded and prevent the player from aiming and hitting the board. To keep your dartboard in a perfect condition, you must make every possible effort to keep it clean and dry. Dartboards can be reusable and last a long time if you clean them regularly and properly.

Read on to learn more about the reasons why dartboards wear out and how to clean different types of dartboards.
how to clean a dartboard

Why Do Dartboards Wear Out?

Dartboards can gradually wear out depending on how often you play. Your dartboard can last around 5 years if you play once or twice a week. However, a few sections of the board can wear out faster compared to others. For example, if you always aim bull’s eye, it will wear out faster than other sections. However, if you clean and take care of your dartboard properly, they can last long.

Why Do Dartboards Bulge?

Possibly, water can bulge the dartboard. Water makes the dartboard fibers to swell and reduces their potential to exit from the incoming dart’s way. Getting a new dartboard is recommended if you are experiencing this problem.

How to Clean a Dartboard: Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips that help you keep your dartboard clean and dust-free:

    • Rotate the Dartboard

Remove the number ring from the dartboard and then rotate it. Rotating the dartboards will reduce the probability of any particular section getting repeated dart hits over time. You can rotate your dartboard at least once a month to extend the life of your board.

    • Soft Cloth Cleaning

Take a soft cloth, soak it in water, and then squeeze it to remove excess water. Now, use this soft cloth to clean the surface of the dartboard. Continue this process for at least 5 minutes and repeat the process at regular intervals.

    • Vacuum Cleaning

You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean your dartboard. However, make sure the suction pressure of the vacuum cleaner is not high. A vacuum cleaner can precisely clean the dartboard pores and increase the visibility of the sections. Also, it makes the surface of the board smooth, which makes the darts to stick easily to the board.

Cleaning your dartboard with a vacuum cleaner takes less time and is easy, but it is not a reliable method, as most vacuum pumps do not have the option to control the suction pressure. Use this method if your vacuum pump has this feature. You can also use this method if you need to clean your dartboard cabinet.

    • Liquid Wood Polisher

Mostly, dartboards are made of sisal fibers, which lose their polished finishing and moisture over time, so the boards get faded and develop holes. Also, they lose their ability to spring back after being regularly hit by darts. Polishing the dartboard with liquid wood polisher will help darts to regain their lost moisture. After polishing the surface, keep it in the sunlight for a day. The next day, insert a toothpick to check whether the board has regained its moisture. If the toothpick is dry, repeat the same procedure until it comes out moist.

    • White Petrol Cleaning

Take cotton, soak it in white petrol, and then apply it on the dartboard. You can also use white gasoline to clean your dartboard. White petrol evaporates quickly, once it comes in contact with air. White gasoline can remove all the dirt on the dartboard and keep the surface smoother, which increases the dartboard’s friction capacity. It also provides a luster to the dartboard, which makes it look shinier like a new one.

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How to Clean an Electronic Dartboard

Electronic dartboards are usually made of plastic and have soft-tipped darts. Just take a dry cloth and clean the surface of the dartboard. Make sure the cloth is completely dry, as a wet cloth can damage the sensitive electronics behind the plastic cover. You can also use a cotton bud to clean the holes in the board.

How to Clean a Bristle or Cork Dartboard

Bristle dartboards are made of compact sisal fibers, which can move back into their position once darts are removed from the board. Cork dartboards are not as durable as bristle boards, because they do not have the self-restoring ability. Bristle and cork dartboards can be cleaned using the same method.

Detach the metal frame from the dartboard. Then, take a low-pressure vacuum cleaner or scrub brush and clean the surface of the board. This will remove all the dirt from the board. Now, take a dry cloth and clean the surface of the board to wipe down those minute dust particles.

Sometimes, cork dartboards will become dry. In such circumstances, take a damp cloth and squeeze it to remove excess water. Now, cover the dartboard with the damp cloth, leave it for a whole night. The next day, the board will become hydrated and ready to use.

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How to Clean a Wooden Dartboard

Wooden dartboards require regular cleaning and maintenance. You need to clean and moisturize the board regularly with wood polish. Otherwise, the board may become dry and start cracking.

How Often Should You Clean Your Dartboard

The type of your dartboard will determine how often you should clean it. Electronic dartboards require less than a minute to clean them. You clean these boards at regular intervals.
Bristle or cork dartboards should be cleaned every two months. Wooden dartboards should be cleaned regularly every 2 or 3 weeks.

Make sure to keep your darts clean and sharp to prevent your dartboard from getting dirt.

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