The Perfect Barstool: Zeroing in on the Choice


Today, barstools come in different sizes and designs and are becoming increasingly important furniture in the house. The versatility of the stools make them an excellent option for outfitting any area of the home whether it be in the basement, game room, kids’ play area or the bar.


Whether you need a barstool for everyday use or hosting happy hours, consider the following before buying:

Back Height
Barstools come in three different back heights – full back, low back and backless. Determine which style you would prefer.

Full back seats are ideal if you would be spending a lot of time seated. Low back barstools are modern and stylish. Finally, backless stools save space and look great but can get quite uncomfortable when you sit on them for a long time.

Modern barstools come in different styles, including a swivel option. Swivel barstools are easy to move in. These are the stools you would want if you will be turning around a lot whether that be to watch TV or entertain guests.

If you have small spaces, the weight of the chair could be another important factor to consider. Lightweight chairs can be stacked on top of each other and easily moved for storage elsewhere, just in case you need extra space.

Kid Friendly
If you are looking for barstools for kids, avoid those that have a narrow base or are top-heavy. Ideally, you want the stools to be four-legged, have sturdy arms and be easy for the kids to sit in. Make sure the chairs won’t be a safety hazard if kids to climb into on their own.

For comfort, go for upholstered barstools. The chairs are great options if you will be using them as dining chairs at a work station or for frequent entertaining. If you don’t like cushioned chairs, check tie-on cushions, which will be more comfortable. Finally, look for barstools that have footrests for maximum comfort.

Consider the five points above to find the right barstool for your home.

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