How to Choose a Pool Cue for Your Playing Style

Choosing a pool cue for play at a bar doesn’t matter beyond a single game. However, if you want to choose a pool cue for purchase, you need to plan carefully to ensure that you find a cue to match your playing style and needs.

Know the Type of Feel That You Need from the Cue 

First, you must know how you prefer a cue to respond when you play. If you’re a beginner, your playing method will develop over time and won’t play as critical a role in choosing a cue as it does for an advanced player.

Ask yourself if you prefer to have more control over the ball or want to deliver more power to the ball. If the latter is the case, consider a soft tip for the cue. However, these cue tips will require more frequent maintenance because their soft structure easily misshapes over time.

For those who prefer to have a greater force delivered to the ball, hard or phenolic tips are options. However, these provide less control. Therefore, beginners may want to avoid these types of tips.

The most common type of tip is the medium-hard that fits in the middle and can be a good option for those uncertain of the cue tip feel they need.

How Tall Are You?

Yes, your height will make a difference in the length of the pool cue that you need. The ideal pool cue should easily fit into your arms. Therefore, taller people with longer arms may require pool cues greater than 58 inches in length. However, shorter people may need cues shorter than the average length of 58 inches.

Every player is different. Some shorter players prefer to use longer cues to have better reach over the pool table without the extra weight of using an extension.

How to Choose a Pool Cue in Person or When Shopping Online 

When you go to choose a pool cue, try to visit a store in person. By shopping in person, you can pick up cues and try them to find the right length and balance for your personal preference. If you cannot find a nearby store for buying a pool cue in person, go online to a store that offers a good return policy to make a purchase based on your height and the feel that you need.

Try Out and Buy Pool Cues at Our City of Industry, CA, Store at A&C Billiards and Barstools or Online

At A&C Billiards and Barstools, we have an in-person store that takes all precautions necessary to protect everyone in the store from the viral spread. Therefore, you can come in person to our store in City of Industry, CA, to choose a pool cue in person. Or, you may select online shopping from us if you cannot get to our store.


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