How to Care for Billiards Accessories

Pool balls, cues, and table felt require regular care to ensure the longevity of the table and proper gameplay. Poorly maintained billiards accessories could cause unpredictable play and shorten the life of the table. However, there are some cleaning methods that could do more harm than good. All pool table owners should know the proper way to care for billiards accessories and tables and the products to use.

Care for Pool Balls

Pool balls can pick up dust from both regular play and long-term storage. Keeping the balls clean prevents the dirt from transferring to the table felt or causing unpredictable movement of the balls.

To remove dust and chalk from the balls, wipe off each one after playing. Use a soft microfiber cloth that you wash regularly to avoid scratching the balls.

When you need to wash the pool balls, never put them in a dishwasher or use surface spray cleaners. These options could cause serious damage to the balls or yellowing of the white areas. Instead, use a cleaner made for use with pool balls, such as Aramith Billiard Ball Cleaner. The manufacturer recommends wiping each ball with the cleaner and rubbing it in with a soft cloth. Wipe off the excess with a dry cloth to complete the process and bring a bright shine back to the balls. 

Billiard Cue Care

When it comes to caring for billiards accessories, such as cues, much of the maintenance work involves preventing damage. Proper storage and use will extend the length of time needed between cue repairs. Just as pool balls need wiping with a microfiber cloth after play, so does the cue. Chalk can build up on the shaft, increasing friction, which hampers gameplay. Keeping the cue clean will prevent this.

When not in use, keep all billiard cues on a storage rack or in cases. These storage options protect the cues from damage that could happen from the cues falling down or encountering excessively hot or cold temperatures.

Over time, though, even the best-kept billiard cues will need tip replacement and deep cleaning. Professional cue repair servicesbring the cue back to a like-new feel.

Maintaining Table Felt

Caring for the table felt starts with using clean pool balls and other billiards accessories. Though many other ways to protect pool tables fall under common sense, too many table owners neglect these basics.

First, never sit on the billiard table or put anything other than a rack, cue, and balls on the surface. Next, regularly brush the cloth after use. Lastly, always use a table cover after the end of play.

Just as cues will need professional restoration occasionally, the table felt will also need replacing. Cloth replacement should occur when the original table has too many burn marks or scratches in it or it has gotten too soiled for cleaning.

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