How Much Light Do You Need for Your Game Tables?

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When planning gaming space, you should also allow for separate lighting above the game tables. However, the type of game will dictate the design of the light fixture and the amount of light required. For instance, you will need long lights or multi-light fixtures to evenly illuminate a pool table. However, a single hanging lamp may suffice for a round poker table.

Balancing Brightness and Visibility

When lighting game tables, you need to create a balance between brightness and visibility. Lights that are too bright can blind players or create glares, especially if reflecting off coated playing cards. However, you also want players to be able to see everything they are doing.

Task lighting is an individual lamp designed to light up a single area. For game rooms, these task lights are installed over tables. You can also move the tables beneath existing lights. The light should illuminate the area without being too bright.

Eliminating Shadows on Game Tables

Lights should eliminate all shadows on the table’s surface. Even lighting is important for games that require distance estimation, such as pool or shuffleboard. Shadows or dimly lit areas of the table can make estimating distance accurately difficult, which can affect your playing ability.

Light Fixtures for Game Tables

For lighting pool tables, the World Pool Association (WPA) has requirements for official game tables. The organization requires even lighting for the center and rails of the table. To achieve this, the group recommends using a centrally installed pool light fixture with reflectors to reduce glare at the center of the table and light up the edges. Plus, the light should be no lower than 65 inches above the table.

Poker table lights should also provide even illumination of the play area. Pendant lights over round tables suffice for lighting. However, you may choose to install pool lights over a long poker table to provide even lighting over the oval-shaped surface

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