Home Bars for Game Rooms

Home bars

Game rooms are ideal places to relax. However, for full relaxation, all human comforts need to stay close at hand. Therefore, home bars are integral components of many home game rooms and rec areas. These bars range from traditional to contemporary styles and allow a perfect place for storing and serving drinks in a game room or any other space in a home.

Industrial Home Bars

Game rooms with an industrial-chic style benefit well from the combination of metals and woods of industrial home bars. One example is the antique nutmeg finished industrial bar. This design features three internal levels for storage, including stemware racks and shelves. On the exterior, it has antique metal accents across the front of the bar and on the footrest. It also includes a matching pinewood swivel barstool with a metal base to maintain the blend of wood and metal for a complete industrial look.

Contemporary Home Bars

Contemporary home bars have a sleek, minimalist appearance. Their designs often rely on sharp, bold colors and geometric shapes. One instance of geometric shapes used effectively in contemporary home bars is the dual triangles of this black glossy bar. The triangles have opposite orientations that meet in the middle, giving the bar an hourglass shape. The interior shelves fit inside the upper and lower triangles, and the sides of the meeting point have space for wine bottle storage. This bar provides a unique accent piece for any home game room or relaxation space.

Transitional Home Bars

Transitional bars have a distinctive feature that gives them their name. These bars provide a transition between counter seating and a bar. Therefore, the top of these bars extends out farther in front than with other styles of home bars. For instance, this fine transitional bar in a merlot finish blends the classic styling of wood construction and design with a practical countertop to make the surface space for enjoying light meals or snacks in addition to drinks. For more ideas on how to use transitional bars throughout the home, Architecture Art Designs has some tips.

Traditional Home Bars

Traditional bars for the home typically have a solid construction with ample storage space in the back. For example, this traditional bar with a faux woven rattan accented barstool features drawers, cabinets, stemware storage, a wine rack, and shelving behind the dark brown wooden exterior. 

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