Holiday Entertaining Dos and Don’ts with Game Tables in Your Home

Holiday entertaining

Despite a slightly smaller percentage of Americans gathering with friends and family this for Christmas 2021 – 72% versus 86% from previous years – that amount still accounts for a majority of people. Therefore, it’s likely that you will have a holiday gathering to attend or host this year. If you are the host of your holiday entertaining and have a game table, take the following pieces of advice to ensure that you and the game table survive the party.

Don’t Use Your Game Table to Hold Food or Drinks

Game tables are not dining tables. Do not use one to hold snacks or drinks. Pool tables are susceptible to having their felt damaged from anything placed on them other than pool balls. Other types of tables could experience warping from water rings created by drink glasses. While you can have your pool table felt replaced, correcting warped surfaces requires the replacement of the game table. Avoid the situation in the first place.

Since moving a pool table is likely not possible before the party, either choose another room for the entertaining, cover the table with a conversion top to protect the surface and turn it into a dining table, or encourage people to play pool on the table. 

Don’t Let People Sit on the Edge of a Game Table

Another problem with game tables is the chance that tired guests may sit on the edge of the table as they talk. They don’t necessarily mean to do this. Likely, they unconsciously perched themselves on the nearest surface.

To avoid this problem, place plenty of chairs around the space. You can even get barstools to provide guests with seats higher up than traditional sofas and chairs. Offering guests enough seats can protect your game table from damage caused by people sitting on its edge.

Do Leave Your Game Tables Uncovered for Fun During Holiday Entertaining

Lastly, if you do have a pool table, air hockey table, or another game table, leave it available for people to use during the party. You may want to have someone check on the room with the table to ensure that guests are using the table appropriately and not as a drink rest or seat. However, making your game table part of the party elevates your guests’ experiences and makes your holiday entertaining easier since you will have one less activity to plan.

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