Great Places To Play Pool in LA – The Rhythm Room

Play Pool in LA

Pool halls can be hit or miss when looking for somewhere with both quality tables and pleasant atmosphere. But one local spot in the downtown Los Angeles area may just fit your fancy.

Play Pool in LA

The Rhythm Room is a fantastic place to play some pool, pass the puck around on the shuffle boards, maybe get in a few games of darts, or throw down the paddle with a game of ping pong. You can relax with live music while you show your friends how it’s done at the Foosball tables. Music, food, drinks and games to liven up your weekend with family and friends.

They strive to get in touch with their customers, playing everything from trivia to board games to get people involved and keep them entertained. Not only do the bartenders pour a good drink, but they will make your experience there one to remember. They aren’t afraid to hold a good hearty conversation with all of their patrons. The Rhythm Room’s bar and menu is sure to satisfy any costumer.

This gem of the downtown area is sure to be a great spot for you and your buddies to have a good time and get your fill of fun, drinks, and food.


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