Game Table How to Avoid Common Buying Mistakes

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Looking for a new game table for your home, bar, restaurant, or entertainment venue? There are some common mistakes that people make when shopping. Avoid these errors to make your purchase, setup, and use of your new game table effortless.

Not Measuring the Game Table

First, you must take measurements of the game table. If you are not certain of what those dimensions look like in your game room, measure a piece of paper to the same size and lay it out. If you have problems navigating around the planned space for the game table, you may want to downsize to a smaller option to ensure adequate space for the table or to maximize the number of gaming tables in the room.

For instance, bars may opt for smaller 7-foot bar-sized pool tables instead of choosing larger, tournament-sized tables. These smaller tables ensure that patrons can navigate around the table and you can fit the table properly into the space. In fact, choosing a smaller table could allow for multiple pool tables in the bar.

Not Accounting for Playing Space

A game table requires additional space on its sides for play. However, some people forget about the additional room required to play around a game table. When planning space, use the total space for the table type that includes the table’s dimensions and additional room for players.

To plan a game room space around a pool table, use this handy planner from us at A&C Billiards and Barstools. However, because we also sell other types of game tables, you will need additional space recommendations if you want to purchase an air hockey, foosball, or table tennis surface. This piece from Houzz will help you to identify the right amount of space for your gaming table.

Another way to help you to plan space is to see the table in person. If you are in Los Angeles, stop by our showroom to see several game tables for yourself. You can see how much space they take up and how much space you need for your game room.

Not Planning for Seating in the Gaming Area

Another issue that many forget about is planning for spectator seating. For games that require players to take turns, such as darts or pool, those not playing will need to remain nearby until their turns. Few plan on seating for these individuals, leaving them standing uncomfortably beside the table until they take their turn. Others who want to watch the gameplay without participating will also be left standing.

To solve this, add additional space around the table beyond the playing area needed. And don’t forget to get spectator chairs or barstools for those who want to sit in this viewing area.

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