Game Room Furniture for the Sports Fan

game room furniture

If you’re an avid sports fan, you can use your game room to showcase your passion. There are several ways to turn a game room into a fan’s getaway with team colors, gaming accessories, themed furniture, and collectibles. With readily available gam room furniture that features licensed team logos, the task of theming your space is even easier than ever.

Choose Team Colors for Decorating

Which team do you like? Maybe you have fandoms in multiple sports. Whichever team or teams you want to show your favor for in your game room, use their colors to create the theme of the room. In fact, using only team colors to decorate a space is one of the most subtle ways of showing that you are a fan of the team.

Find Gaming Accessories with Officially Licensed Team Logos

To be more specific with your sports fan theme, choose gaming accessories for your game room that incorporate your preferred teams’ logos. For instance, if you have a pool table, you can get officially licensed NFL, MLB, and NHL logo pool cues to go with the table.

Over your poker table, you can hang a poker lamp with a logo from one of several MLB teams, such as the White Sox, the Yankees, the Red Sox, or the Mets. You can also find NHL logo neon signs to hang on your game room walls if you don’t have a poker table to suspend a lamp over. Ask us at A&C Billiards and Barstools about the availability of other teams for these lights or visit our store to see a larger selection.

Pick Game Room Furniture and Decor with Your Team’s Logo

The furniture and games in your rec room can show off your team’s logo, too. The chairs, throw rugs, and other game room furniture that you have should match the style and theme of your space, especially if your room’s design is your favorite team.

Find furnishings such as floor rugs and barstools with logos on them. For games, you can find logo dart cabinets that keep your dartboard protected, store darts, and show off your favorite team with a logo on the front. For the most updated selection of game room furniture with sport team logos, visit us in person. 

Show Off Your Team Collectibles in Your Game Room

Many sports fans have collectibles from their team. Whether you purchased items from auctions, got autographs from your favorite players, or kept giveaway items from home games, you should use your game room to show them off. Use clear protective boxes for holding your most valuable collectibles. Display those boxes and items not stored in containers on bookshelves to keep them safe while showing them off. Choose a spot in your game room where you can readily admire your collection any time, such as a wall across from a pool table or next to the television.

Get Game Room Furniture with Team Logos and Much More at A&C Billiards and Barstools

If you have game room furniture with your team logo in mind, contact us at A&C Billiards and Barstools to ask about our selection of teams. We have numerous options available to meet your goal of creating the ultimate team fan game room.

If you’re in Southern California, come visit us in the City of Industry, just to the east of Los Angeles. You can see our game room furniture options in person to see for yourself the styles we have available. Come check us out for in-person shopping or shop in our online store for your rec room furnishings.




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