Game Room Accessories You Should Not Forget

game room accessories

Creating your game room means outfitting the space with game tables, seats, lights, and more to make it the ultimate spot for relaxation. There are some game room accessories you may have forgotten, though. Make sure that you’ve included the following necessary accessories in your game room to preserve your tables and be more comfortable.

Game Table Lights

Don’t rely on the ambient lighting in the room to provide your game tables with enough illumination. People leaning over the tables or standing in front of windows can easily cast shadows over the playing surface. To avoid these problems, your game tables should have separate lights over them.

Light fixture options vary based on the table you place them over. For example, billiard lights cast light over an elongated area to avoid creating shadows in the corners of the pool table. Whereas poker table lights are smaller and deliver circular patterns of light over these smaller tables while still lighting up players’ cards in their hands and the ones on the table.

Spectator Chairs

Spectator chairs have several advantages over standard barstools for seating around gaming tables. While barstools are made for use at bars, they don’t require drink holders. However, spectator chairs are best for use away from tables and include cup holders to make them more convenient.

Additionally, many spectator chairs include supports for pool cues to keep these gaming elements safe between plays.

Room Accessories for Pool Tables

If you have a pool table, make sure to include cleaning supplies in your game room accessories. Cleaning options include ball cleaner and brushes for wiping chalk and dust off the table felt after play.

Additional accessories include scoring beads or tally bottles. These keep the game play fair with neutral scoring maintained throughout the game.

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