Family Friendly Games for at Home

One lesson learned from the lockdowns of 2020 has been the importance of spending time with family. Many found themselves at home for months with their family members. This time has helped families learn to reconnect with those they live with through conversation and, in some cases, games. Outfitting a home with family friend games offers a way to continue building relationships with everyone in the home.


Commonly associated with cruise ships, shuffleboard can also be a home game for the entire family. With simple rules, anyone can learn to play the game. However, this game requires skill to excel at. Individuals can practice alone between games with others.

Those with less space or families may prefer shorter, nine-foot-long tables to allow children to play more easily. To increase the difficulty, shuffleboard owners may prefer 22-foot-long tables. Unlike pool tables that may require space on all four sides, shuffleboard tables may have one long side placed along a wall to save space in a room. The table only requires space at the playing end for individuals when they shuffle their puck.

Play may allow for two people playing against each other. A variation of the standard shuffleboard game has two teams of two players each competing to achieve the highest score. With multiple games individuals, pairs, or teams can play, a shuffleboard table provides hours of enjoyment for the entire family.


Poker tables offer a gaming surface for cards and more. With a deck of cards and poker chips, a group of people can have hours of play. The surface of the table allows for cards to stay in place by each player.

Though designed for poker play, poker tables also work well as surfaces for other card games and even board games. Families can play games like go fish, old maid, or rummy. Alternatively, they can use the surface to hold their favorite board games during play. Individuals may use the table as a surface for jigsaw puzzles or solitaire games.

Poker tables provide a way to have a gaming table for a variety of entertainments. Investing in a separate game table frees up the dining table for eating or doing homework on. Since the poker table has a dedicated use, games in progress can remain undisturbed between gaming sessions.


Like other types of game tables, pool tables accommodate play for individuals who want to improve their skills or families who want to spend time together. Pool does not have a long list of rules, making it easy to learn. However, it can take a lifetime to master this game.

Whereas children will outgrow some types of games, pool can grow with them as a lifelong hobby. Those who want to put in time with their family through game nights will find a pool table a wise investment that will provide enjoyment and play for years.

Make a Family Friendly Gaming Space to Build Deeper Connections with Loved Ones

Game nights do more than pass time. They create lasting memories for everyone that will help reinforce relationships among family members. A&C Billiards and Barstools has the gaming tables necessary to have the materials needed for an impromptu game night anytime.


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