7 Essential Tools That Are a Must-Have For Pool Players

Pool Players

Billiards is a game that requires a lot of skill and dedication to practice those through shots that are hard to sink when the pressure is on. However, having the right billiards tools makes the game a whole lot easier. You will find below a list of billiards tools that are a must-have to aid in the improvement of your game and ones which will complement your game skills, so that you can aim for the perfect shot that will take your game to the next level.

Pool Players

Keep reading to learn the top seven billiards accessories pool lovers wouldn’t want to be without.

  1. All-Purpose Pool Cue
    A good cue is worth its weight in gold to a skilled player. Shop for a cue that fits your play style and skill level so you can advance as a billiards player.

  2. Break Cue
    Your game starts with a break, so why not get a cue that will get the job done right? Shop for a powerful break cue to make the most of your opening shot.

  3. Cue Cases
    No serious player can go without a quality cue made for their play style and build. To protect that cue that safeguards your game, you need a durable case designed to handle falls and accidents that could leave your cue warped or bent otherwise.

  4. Cue Cleaners
    A dirty cue shaft can make tough shots harder and make easy shots bad misses. Go for a cue cleaning system that fits your budget so every match is played to the best of your ability.

  5. Tip Scuffers
    Like cue cleaners, scuffers help you get a cue that’s focused and works for your style. Remember, better chalk retention equals a more controlled shot.

  6. Coin Holders
    If you’re like most players, you play at least some games on coin-op tables. Coin holders ensure you’re always ready for a match or practice.

  7. Hand Towels
    Sweaty hands can be the difference between a sweet backspin and an uncontrolled off-the-rails bank shot that turns into a scratch. Keep a few quality hand towels in your cue case.

Billiards takes a lot of practice to master, but the right tools really do make a difference even for intermediate players. Use this guide to find the seven essential accessories you need to have before you set up for another break.

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