Essential Pool Table Cleaning Supplies You Must Have in Your Game Room

pool table cleaning supplies

Your pool table can last a lifetime with regular care and cleaning. Pool table cleaning supplies are essential components you need to keep in your game room to make the process faster.

Cleaning After Every Game

You need to clean your pool table at least after every game. Chalk from your hands, the cue, and the balls collect on the felt during play. Use a brush to remove this from the surface and to take any dust off the table. After playing, don’t forget to put a pool table cover over the surface to protect it from dust.

Monthly Cleaning Chores for Your Pool Table

At least once a month, wipe down the surface of your pool table with a damp cloth. This cloth will pick up even more dust a brush may have left behind. You may also use a vacuum if you have a model that does not have rotating brushes and light suction. When vacuuming, move the vacuum in the same direction to minimize felt damage. A vacuum is also a good tool to clean chalk off the cleaning brushes you use to wipe the table down after each game.

Use a ball wash to clean off the balls at least once a month, or more often if you play frequently. This wash will remove chalk from the surfaces of the balls and keep them clean.

Preventing Damage and Dirt on Your Pool Table

To protect your pool table between cleanings, never place food or drinks on the table. Also, never sit on the rails of the table to prevent damaging the cushions.

Don’t use a harsh vacuum for your pool table felt. Strong vacuums can pull the felt up from the surface, and rotating brushes on some models can damage the felt. If you are not certain whether your vacuum is too strong for your pool table, don’t use it. Instead, stick with manual pool table cleaning supplies such as brushes and damp cloths.

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