Essential Features of a Quality Air Hockey Table

Air Hockey Table

Air hockey is a game that’s fun for the whole family. However, you don’t have to be at the arcade or bowling alley to play it if you get your very own air hockey table. With so many on the market, choosing the right one, or even knowing what to look for, can be tricky.

Air Hockey Table

Use this quick guide to learn more about must-have features when looking to buy an air hockey table.

Consider Skill Level
Beginners or very young players can get away with inexpensive tables that aren’t designed to last a long time. They’re not hitting the puck hard enough to dent the side rails either, so models under $200 are generally okay for kids.

If you’re buying for adults in the intermediate or advanced category, look for a larger seven-foot table with thick side rails. These are durable, but more cost-effective than arcade tables.

To get the ultimate air hockey experience, splurge on an arcade style table. These are the most expensive up front, but they’ll last for years and years while offering you high-quality gameplay.

For many people, automatic scoring is a must. This can push the price higher, but most tables that offer automatic scoring are of higher quality, making them a smart buy in the long run.

Design and Style
A large game table like one built for air hockey is going to take up some serious real estate, wherever you put it. For that reason, the design of the table is an important factor when picking the right one.

Look to match elements of the table to design themes in your game room. For example, a game room with stainless steel hardware can be matched to a table with similar aesthetics to create a cohesive look and style.

Getting the right table for air hockey doesn’t have to be a complicated task. Pick a model that works for your skill level and intended age group, and then match it to your game room or home design. From there, you can enjoy playing games around the clock with friends, family, and visitors!

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