Essential Billiards Accessories for Your Game Room

billiards accessories

When picking out your pool table, don’t forget the necessary billiards accessories to be able to start play as soon as you get the table set up. These include the obvious things, such as chalk, to the lesser-known items, such as billiard ball cleaner. Do you have everything you need to enjoy your pool table? Check that you have the following essentials:


Pool chalk prepares the tip of your cue to improve the grip the tip has on the ball. The increased friction allows for better ball control and reduces slipping of the cue. Because this accessory is a frequently used item, you should have a constant supply on hand.

Does the specific type of chalk matter? In some cases, you may notice improvements in your play if you use denser chalk that has a dryer texture. However, most players may not see a major difference.

Cue Racks and Cue Cases

You invest time in finding the perfect cue stick for your playing style. Don’t put it at risk of breaking or warping through improper storage. Cue racks are a good solution for keeping multiple cues safely stored between games. However, if you take your stick on the road, you should also have a cue case with ample storage and cushioning to protect your cue in transit.

Billiard Ball Cleaner

Cleaning the chalk off the balls after games protects the longevity of the balls and your pool table felt. A billiard ball cleaning solution is a simple addition to your set of billiards accessories that will ensure you have the correct product for cleaning pool balls.

Pool Table Brush

Chalk will build up on your pool table felt and lead to slower ball movement. Brush off the table surface with a pool table brushevery time you finish playing for the day. Doing so will reduce the dust and chalk that build on the table surface, keeping the felt in pristine condition longer.

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