Does the Pool Chalk Brand Matter?

When shopping for pool chalk, most people opt for the cheapest one available. However, is that really the best option? In some cases, premium chalk may offer better performance. Find out when to splurge for high-end chalk and when standard options will suffice.

How to Use Pool Chalk Properly

Make sure that whatever brand of chalk you use is correctly applied. First, chalk before you shoot. 

Second, stop drilling holes in the top of the chalk. This practice wastes chalk and does not permit proper application of the chalk. Additionally, drilling a hole in the chalk and using it could cause ferrule damage.

Third, brush the chalk around the tip of the cue at an angle while you turn the cue. Use a little pressure on the chalk to get it onto the cue.

Lastly, examine the chalked cue for even, complete coverage.

When to Use Standard Pool Chalk

Standard chalk should work in most instances. For players who use the appropriate technique for chalking and do it often, regular chalk offers the performance required. However, for some players, premium chalk may offer a better alternative.

When to Use Premium Pool Chalk

For those who don’t chalk frequently or do not use the correct method of chalking may prefer premium brands that offer smoother coverage. For example, Kamui chalk has smaller particles to improve its performance and friction on the cue ball.

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