Do You Know How to Play Air Hockey?

Air Hockey Rules

Air hockey is a fun sport that can be enjoyed by anyone, irrespective of their age, sex, and gender, and in their leisure time. To enjoy any game, it helps to know the rules. The United States Air Hockey Association has outlined the following rules when playing air hockey.

Air Hockey Rules

Below are the main air hockey rules:

  • A full match has 7 games and the winner is the first to accumulate a total of 7 points.
  • You score a goal when the puck drops in the goal of your opponent, as long as it is not a foul play or the referee had not suspended the play.
  • Players should change sides when a game is over.
  • The player who concedes a goal has to serve the puck in his possession.
  • Hand-serving the puck is only allowed if you concede a goal.
  • You cannot play using more than one mallet at any time.
  • You can hit the puck using any part of the mallet.
  • You cannot “top” the puck by hitting its top with a raised mallet.
  • When the puck is on your side beyond the center line, you can hit it within 7 seconds.
  • If the puck is placed or happens to lie on the center line, any player can hit it.
  • You can stand at any point behind the center line, as long as you are on your half of the table.
  • No part of your body or clothing should touch the puck or else that would be a foul.
  • Each player is allowed a maximum of 10 seconds time out.
  • Time out is allowed when the puck is not being used to play, or if it is in the possession of one of the players.
  • If a player wishes to restart the game, they should do so within 10 seconds of conceding a goal.

Sometimes, you can change the rules as they suit you. For example, you can keep the winning games at 3 instead of 7, if you are tight on time. Just make sure you agree on the games before you begin playing.

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