Custom Barstools to Match Any Décor

While barstools have a myriad of styles, colors, and materials in their construction, stock models may not match existing décor in a space. Custom barstools let the buyer choose all attributes of the stools to ensure a perfect fit in any room. With choices including the material of the stool, fabric covering, height, and design, the options are endless.


Custom barstools include those in metal or wood. However, these options are not the final choices to make for the frame. Within each group, there are several specific types of material that allow for closer matching to current furnishings or room décor.

Both casual and formal spaces can use the warmth of wood furniture. When it comes to wood barstools, customization options include beech, cherry, oak, and maple. Cherry and maple have darker tones for a more luxurious appearance. Lighter oak and beech work well in casual settings or spaces such as sunrooms or kitchens with a country theme.

Another material option for custom barstools is metal. Like wood, there are several options within this group – powder-coated, stainless steel, and chrome. Powdered coated barstools have a matte appearance that isn’t as shiny as chrome. Chrome’s bright, reflective look is unmistakable. Stainless steel barstools may have other colors available, depending on the manufacturer.


A barstool’s style goes beyond the material of its frame. This part of the decision-making process requires considering the use of the stool. Barstool styles include backless, backed without arms, and backed with arms. The height of the back also falls into play when choosing a style. Low-back, high-back, solid or open represent some of the choices for the style of the back of a barstool.

Custom barstools should allow for regular use in addition to fitting into the space’s décor. For instance, in game rooms, players may want to choose backless barstools for sitting on from any angle without moving the entire chair.


Barstools come in several heights, to match a variety of uses. The barstool height to the seat should measure no more than 13 inches lower than the underside of the bar or counter. Counter height stools typically include 24-inch-tall and 26-inch-tall heights. Barstools for use with bars are taller at 30 inches. However, custom barstools also have taller options available for extra-high bars.


The final decision is the choice of upholstery on custom barstools. Material options include leather, bonded leather, microfiber, vinyl, and fabric. Colors and materials should pair well with the other furniture in a room. For instance, selecting leather barstools in a room with upholstery would not be a good match. Color options for the material depend on the upholstery.

Create Custom Barstools at A&C Billiards and Barstools

The perfect barstools do exist. However, they may require customizing the seating to become reality. By choosing specific traits of the stool, finding a match for an existing set or décor style becomes much easier. Start on custom barstool creations today at A&C Billiards and Barstools


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