Custom Barstools That Reflect You

custom barstools

Your barstools should not just be generic seats at your home bar. They should be a reflection of your tastes and personality. Custom barstools put you in charge of how your seats look, their materials, and their functionality. With these, you take control over the furniture in your home, ensuring that you give all your guests a good impression of who you are.

Why Choose Custom Barstools Over Standard Models

Customized barstools may start with standard designs. You have the chance to make changes to that design to better fit into your home. For example, you might start with the overall design of the Leann barstool and choose the type of upholstery, whether it has arms, how tall it is, and the type of finish it has. With these options, you can leave the overall design similar to the standard style or make it a new barstool that has the basic structure the same with different elements.

Arms or No Arms

A major decision for custom barstools is whether to include arms or not. Using arms on a barstool makes them more comfortable and chair-like. However, stools with arms will require more space between them to accommodate the extra width of the arms. If you have a narrow space at your bar and want to maximize the number of stools you have, choose armless barstools when you customize.

Swiveling Stools or Not

Swiveling barstools make getting out from under the bar easier because the chair turns around instead of requiring the seated person to push it away from the bar. The convenience of swiveling barstools comes at the cost of needing more space for the chair and the seated person’s legs to safely swing around.

Make Your Furniture a Reflection of Yourself and Make Custom Barstools at A&C Billiards and Barstools

You don’t have to leave your house to find custom barstools. Visit us online at A&C Billiards and Barstools to start the customization process. We have brand names, including Furniture of America, Callee, I.M. David, and more. Contact us to get a quote for your customized barstools and to start the process of creating them.




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