Custom Barstools for Your Home Bar or Game Room

custom barstools

With all the time that you spend making your home game room or recreation space your own, you don’t need to settle for standardized seating. Instead, choose custom barstools that let you pick features such as height, arms or no arms, fabrics, and finishes. You’ll get a barstool to perfectly fit your space without compromise.

History of Barstools

Throughout history, people have used stools as simple seats to avoid sitting on the ground while working. However, the earliest stools were shorter than today’s barstools. Since they were typically used by servants and children in the Roman Empire, they were considered a lesser seating option to chairs, which were preferred by those in the highest levels of society. The social symbol of chairs continued until the Industrial Revolution.

With mass production, chairs and other seating options increased in popularity in all homes. Chairs became preferred for people of all classes, with some exceptions in professions that required the freedom offered by backless, armless stools – physicians, cobblers, barbers.

The increased availability of money to many people made leisure sites, such as cafes and restaurants, more popular among people. To accommodate bigger crowds, restaurants started incorporating stools to fit more people inside. Not until the second half of the 20th century did barstools specifically become popular in bars across America. Today, they are a staple of homes, restaurants, and bars everywhere.

Custom Barstools for Home

As the popularity of barstools outside of homes increased, the need for customized options also rose. Where once, homeowners looking to include barstools in their rec spaces needed to settle for mass-produced models, today, they can choose to adapt existing stools to their tastes and needs.

Customizing Your Barstools

To create your custom barstools, you first need to first choose the overall design. From there, you will specify the height, fabrics, materials, and other attributes of the stool. For example, some models allow you to choose whether to have a fixed or swivel operation and others may offer arms or without arms. Different models will have their own components for you to customize.

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