Custom Barstools: Finding the Right Height

Ordering custom barstools comes with multiple options to choose from. Among the most important choices to make is the height. Barstools that are too short or too tall will make sitting on them at a counter or bar uncomfortable. Properly sized barstools are crucial for ensuring that people use them as intended. Find out about height options and how to choose the best for several applications.

Custom Barstools Height Options

Custom barstools have height options that reflect standard sizes plus extra-tall sizes for specialty applications. Generally, barstools have heights of 24 inches, 26 inches, and 30 inches. However, you can also find shorter and taller sizes to accommodate non-standard uses for barstools.

For example, 18-inch tall stools have the same height as dining chairs but often don’t have backs or arms, making them a more casual dining option around a table. Barstools over 30 inches fit with extra-tall custom-built bars, such as those frequently found in homes.

When choosing a height, use the industry rule of thumb to choose a seat height that is 12 inches below the table or bar surface. This rule will help in deciding the exact barstool height to order.

Uses for 24 to 26-inch Barstools

For the shortest sizes of custom barstools, 24-to-26 inches, use these with counters. Though called barstools, seats of these heights are technically counter-height stools. Since typical counters, such as breakfast bars in kitchens or kitchen islands, measure between 36 and 39 inches to their tops, the 24-to-26-inch barstools allow for a 12-inch space between the top of the stool and the top of the counter. Most adults will find that they can comfortably fit their legs in this space.

Applications for 30-inch Custom Barstools

One of the most common sizes for barstools is 30 inches tall. This height from the floor to the surface of more bars is between 40 and 42 inches. Therefore, 28 or 30-inch tall barstools meet the guidelines of a stool’s top being a foot below the dining surface.

When choosing barstools to use in a game room as spectator seats, 30 inches is a good height to use. This matches the standard height of many spectator chairs, which elevate the seated person above a pool table’s surface to comfortably watch gameplay from the best vantage point.

Custom Barstools in Taller Sizes

Some homes and restaurants feature extra-tall bars. For example, a custom-built bar in the home of a taller person may have its top 44 to 47 inches from the floor. These taller bars require equally high barstools.

When choosing attributes of custom barstools, pick a height 12 inches lower than the top of the bar. For instance, a bar measuring 47 inches at its top should pair with 35-inch-tall barstools.

Create Custom Barstools in Various Heights at A&C Billiards and Barstools

Custom barstools ensure a perfectly tailored design to fit with any counters, tables, or bars. Start designing custom furnishings by choosing the barstool customization option at A&C Billiards and Barstools. With some of the best brands and customized material, heights, and seats, these stools will surpass even the most demanding expectations for game room furniture.


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