Cue Racks to Match Pool Table Designs

When selecting pool room furnishings, they should match the central piece of the room, the pool table. Matching the design style is especially important for furnishings and accessories used for playing pool. Luckily, cue racks to match pool table designs exist to make furnishing a game room less filled with choices.

Cue Racks to Match Pool Tables

Cue racks should match the pool tables they pair with to give the space a better feeling of connection throughout the room. For instance, the Morse wall rack and the Morse floor cue racks both match the modern design of the Morse pool table. All three have solid wood construction. Both cue racks hold up to eight cues each.

Choosing floor or wall rack styles depends on the available space, the orientation of the pool table in the room. Floor racks work best when wall space does not permit the installation of a wall rack. Or if the pool table has a location in the center of the room too distant from the walls to make a wall rack feasible.

Matching pool tables to cue racks is one way to simplify the design of a home pool room. Getting additional design ideas can help, too.

Find Billiard Room Design Ideas to Get Started

Matching cue racks to the pool tables that pair with is only one way to begin a billiard room design. There are other ways to get inspired in designing this gaming space. Find 80 billiard room design ideas from NextLuxury, to start your creative design juices flowing. The designs range from casual to formal, contemporary to classic. Whatever your style, you may find a photo to inspire you to create a similar game room in your home.

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To create a custom pool room at home, you should start with the biggest feature, the table. Find pool tables that include professional and casual options plus the cue racks and more to match them at A&C Billiards and Barstools.

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