Cue Racks for Floors and Walls – Which Should You Choose?

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Your cues require proper storage to extend their lives and prevent damage to them. However, you have many options for cue racks. Do you choose floor racks or wall storage? There are pros and cons to each. Find out more about your options for cue storage and about the differences between wall and floor racks. You’ll be able to make the best choice for your home and your cues.

Cue Racks for Floor Storage

Floor cue racks include those designed to specifically fit into corners or standalone models that you can place anywhere. Free standing racks fit well if you have multiple tables and want to store the cues between them. They also serve as decorative pieces of game room furniture while serving a practical purpose.

Cue Wall Rack

Cue wall rack include luxurious one-piece versions and economically friendly two-piece racks. One-piece cue racks are similar to two-piece racks but have everything connected, so you don’t need to follow special installation instructions to hang them. A deluxe wall rack has space for cues, balls, 9-ball rack, and triangle.

Two-piece wall racks are budget friendly because they have a minimalist design. The bottom part holds the bases of the cues while the top portion has clips to secure the top parts of the cues. Unlike one-piece wall racks, two-piece models require careful installation of the parts to ensure they are the proper distance for holding the cues.

Which Storage Method Should You Choose for Cue Rack in Your Home?

Should you choose a floor or wall rack for your pool cues? The answer depends on how much space you have near you pool table. Floor racks require a square amount of floor space but allow for access to the cues from all four sides. Wall racks take up less space on the floor but need careful mounting to securely hold your cues.

Find Floor and Wall Cue Racks at A&C Billiards and Barstools

Find the cue racks that you need for your home or business at A&C Billiards and Barstools. Visit our sanitary showroom in the City of Industry, CA, to see the cue rack in person. By looking at the racks, you can see their size in relation to pool tables and cues. Plus, you won’t have to worry about differences in monitor colors to see the true coloring of the racks. Contact us to find out more about our cue racks or show room. And come see us today at our showroom.




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