Cue Cases to Transport Your Pool Cues Wherever You Play

cue cases

Even for those who mostly play pool at home, occasions to travel for games may arise. When they do, just tossing a cue in the truck of the car is not the best way to transport it. Cue cases provide a better alternative to keep the cues protected during transit.


Why Transport Cues

You may need to transport your cues if you want to play at one of the many Billiards Congress of America (BCA) pool rooms. You may also need to travel to tournaments for professional play. In fact, if you are participating in a World Pool Association sanctioned event, you must use a cue stick that meets the organization’s equipment rules. However, as long as your cue adheres to these regulations, you can use it for the game, which makes transporting your personal cue necessary.


Protecting Cues

Your cues need protection. They are so delicate that you should even use caution when cleaning them to prevent scratching their surfaces. In fact, without padding around the exterior, wood cues could have scratches or other damage occur to them. Cue cases provide a convenient carrying container for cues that keeps them padded and protected from physical damage. Plus, many cases allow for holding multiple cues, so you can bring several with you for your game.


Features of Cue Cases

Most cue cases feature carrying handles that allow for either hand carrying or over-the-shoulder transport. Some cases have hard siding while others have soft sides and extra padding. The number of cue sticks that you can carry in a case varies, with some cases accommodating a single cue and others allowing for up to five shafts and three butts. You will easily find the right cue case for your transport needs from the numerous options available.


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