7 Creepy Halloween Decor Ideas for Your Game Room

Halloween Decor Ideas for Game Room

Halloween! This eerily fun holiday celebration differs from person to person. For some it’s about lighting a bonfire and wearing costumes to ward off roaming ghosts. Others try a makeover of their houses to get into the spooky mood of this celebration. Whereas, children will be busy trick-or-treating.

Halloween Decor Ideas for Game Room

Here are some spooky tricks to turn your sporty looking game room into a nerve chilling zone:

  1. Lighting and Frightening
    You can creatively use different shades of light to give nerve chilling look to your game room. Use scary jack-o-lanterns with lights inside them and keep them at the corners of the room. Use hollow skull heads light cover which you can get at discount shops and put them on light holders to get hanging skulls effect. Use a fog machine and dim blue lights to enhance the eerily effect.

  2. Skulls on the Table
    Buy 22 pieces of miniature skulls and paint them [1-white, (6-yellow, green, brown, blue, pink, black,) 15-red]. When the paint dries up, number the skulls accordingly from 1 to 22 and place them on the table with the help of a frame to give a spooky touch.

  3. Cue for Dead
    Buy an artificial skeleton of 4 to 5 ft. from your nearby shop or order online. Make that skeleton stand at one of the corners of your pool table and place a cue in its hand. Cover the rest of the furniture in the gaming zone with old white cloths.

  4. Spider Web Pockets
    Get barbed wire spider web pockets and place them on the holes, cut out spiders from black chart paper and place them on the pool table, starting from the edge of the hole in an outwards manner so that it appears that they are coming out of it.

  5. Spooky Silhouette Lanterns
    Light up your game room by using Halloween-inspired spooky silhouette lanterns. Print and trace the silhouettes on the back of adhesive or vinyl shelf liner. Cut the shapes and stick them to the lanterns. You can fill the lanterns with candles, moss or small gourds to give them the perfect Halloween touch.

  6. Spider Wreath Dartboard
    Give your guests a fright by converting your dartboard into a spider wreath. You can purchase a spider web decoration and place it at the center of the wreath to make a spooky statement. This simple craft is perfect to scare your trick-or-treaters on the friendly frightful night.

  7. Floating Ghosts and Hanging Bats
    Set the mood for the spooky night by hanging paper bats and floating ghosts in your game room. Paint black bat silhouettes on white pumpkins and hang them to give the illusion of flying bats. You can even make a garland of ghosts, pumpkins and spiders to decorate your pool table.

By using these easy, creative and creepy Halloween decor ideas you can spook up your game room this Halloween.

Happy Halloween!!!

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