Communicate with Your Cue with Cynergy Cues

Part of playing pool is finding a cue that works well for how you play. One way that Cynergy cues can help is through their ability to communicate with you through tactile feedback during play. If you’ve never played with a cue from this line before, you may not know the advantages in play that you are missing.

Why Cynergy Cues Are Different

The difference between playing with Cynergy brand cues and other brands is the technology behind the former. Upon impact, the tip sends vibrations to the player’s hands, giving them information about the strike. This type of communication happens through Cynergy cues’ use of carbon fiber technology.

The shaft has a construction of strong, straight carbon fiber filaments. Inside the shaft is a polyurethane foam core that creates more feedback and feel than traditional wood cues. For improved feel during play, these cues have elongated Super Slim Tapers for increased precision with each stroke. 

Types of Cues Available from Cynergy 

Cynergy Cues include both breakers and standard play cues. The breach break cue provides increased power on the opening break with an extra-strong carbon fiber shaft. This cue also includes the Taom 2.0 Break/Jump tip.

For standard play, you have several options in the Cynergy Cues line. For example, the SVB Gen One line includes the SVB Red cuethat uses both kiln-dried maple and carbon fiber in the shaft construction. Others in this series include the black starlight, pearl white, and sapphire blue. You can even choose a black carbon fiber shaft with various joint system options to unleash the unique feel of playing with this material.

A&C Billiards and Barstools Stocks Cynergy Cues and Much More for the Discerning Pool Player

Cynergy Cues offers high-tech solutions for a decades-old game. If you want more responsiveness from your cue stick with the feel and straightness of traditional wood, consider one of the many Cynergy Cues we offer at A&C Billiards and Barstools. If you cannot find the cue that you want or have questions about our products, feel free to contact us online.


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