Commercial Pool Tables

commercial pool tables

Commercial pool tables have several differences from those designed for home use. If you want to add one of these to your bar, game room, or other business site, consider the following ways that commercial tables set themselves apart for better quality and play in public places.

Cloth for Commercial Pool Tables

Commercial pool tables use tournament-quality cloth over the surface. It meets the requirements for cloth from the World Pool Association (WPA). WPA rules dictate that the cloth is either 100% worsted wool or a combination of wool and nylon with no more than 20% nylon. The cloth must be pill-free, nap-free, and non-directional. WPA prohibits any backed cloths, and the only allowed colors are electric blue, blue-green, and yellow-green.


For commercial purposes, the tables can be seven, eight, or nine-feet long. Larger sizes may also be available, up to 12 feet, depending on the brand. WPA-grade tables must measure either eight or nine feet in length. Smaller seven-foot tables work well in compact bar environments.


Commercial pool tables tend to use slate for the surface. WPA mandates slate at least one-inch thick. The use of slate instead of wood for the surface makes commercial tables heavier than home-use tables. To ensure proper handling of the slate to prevent damaging it, choose professional setup for any commercial table that uses slate.

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