Choosing Options for Custom Barstools: Construction and Accent Materials

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Height is only one part of the design when choosing features for your custom barstools. You will also need to determine the materials used for construction and accents on the stools. These materials will make a difference in how long your stools last and how they fit into your space. Choosing these attributes well will ensure that your barstools perfectly fit with the rest of your furnishings.

Construction Materials for Customized Stools

First, you should choose between metal and wood. If you choose wood, you may need to select the type of wood. Metal tends to be a more durable, easy-to-clean option than wood. In fact, if you want to choose barstools for a commercial establishment or for a heavily used rec area, you may prefer the durability and utilitarian appearance of metal seats. These are also better options for outdoor bars or patios, as long as you choose a stainless finish.

However, if choosing custom barstools for your home wood offers a more traditional appearance. Plus, by selecting the type of wood, you can match your barstools to the wood of your bar or tables. Wood options include cherry, oak, maple, and beech.

Upholstery Choices for Custom Barstools

Both metal and wood barstools may have upholstered seats, backs, and arms. For these types of chairs, you can choose the type of material on these surfaces. Options include supple leather, soft microfiber, durable vinyl, colorful upholstery, and cost-saving bonded leather.

Finishes for Metal Barstools

Metal barstools have a variety of finishes to protect the surfaces. These finishes also impact the color of the barstools. For instance, stainless steel looks bright and shiny. Chrome has a similar shine and may require extra work to keep fingerprints off. Powder coating softens the shininess for a more subtle appearance to the stool’s metal parts.

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