Choosing a Custom Cue: What Experts Think

Custom Cue

Billiards is a game that people all over the world love to play. Mastering it, or even getting good enough to be satisfied with your play, is very difficult for most people. You need every advantage you can get when trying to go from a novice to an intermediate player.

Finding the right cue stick for your needs and play style is an important part of that process. Keep reading to learn more about what experts recommend when choosing custom cue sticks.

Custom Cue

Power or Control: Pick Your Poison
When choosing from any number of custom pool cues made by different manufacturers, one main consideration always comes to the forefront: Do you need more power or more control on your shots? If you’re like most players, you already know the answer.

If you need more power, look to have a custom cue designed with more weight in the shaft. Cues that feel a little heavier can also help push you into your stroke more, giving you more power on the break and on long shots where added rotations can make a huge difference.

For players that need more control, a cue with a little more balance throughout the stick, from end to end, is key. A soft tip can also give you more accuracy and make tough two and three shot sequences a bit easier. You will need to replace soft tips more often and pay attention to how they degrade over time, but for players where accuracy is key to their game, it’s a reasonable tradeoff.

Style Matters
Getting the right custom pool cue or your needs is a relatively simple task once you know what part of your game needs the most improvement or what will make you a better player. Style may not be the most important factor, but it is a factor nonetheless.

Look to have a custom cue made that fits your personality and play style. When you pull it out you want to smile and show it off.

With a custom cue, you can have both ideal performance and style.

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