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Unofficial Pool Rules No One Talks About

pool rules

Did you know that not all pool rules are codified in official sources? There are some pool rules that experienced players know that beginners may not be aware of. Before you play with others, check to see if you know all these unspoken etiquette rules of the game. Pool Etiquette for What to Do When […]

Break These Pool Myths

The game of pool comes with numerous myths about gameplay and equipment. Learning what advice has its roots in myth will let you break the myths and improve your play. Find out pool myths and how they fail in the information they offer. Premium Chalk Is Always Better The type of pool chalk depends less […]

Of Billiard Tables and Pool Cues: A Brief History of Pocket Billiards

From its origins as an outdoor game to today’s version played in bars across the country, pocket billiards – also known as pool – continues to entertain. As it evolved, more ways to play emerged with numerous iterations, including versions with and without pockets. How Pocket Billiards Got Its Green Felt Surface The game known […]

7 Pool Table Games That Are Currently Popular

Pool Table Games

You are already familiar with the rules of standard pool games like 8-ball and 9-ball. However, do you know there are other pool game variations? You can quickly improve your skills by learning how to play various types of billiards games. Here are seven pool games you can learn to keep you busy when you […]

A Quick Breakdown of the Differences Between Billiards, Pool, & Snooker

Billiards, Pool, & Snooker

What’s the difference between pool and billiards? Are they the same thing?

Billiards, also known as cue sports, refers to a type of ball game played on a cloth-covered surface and hitting a ball using a cue stick. The table is surrounded by cushions (bumpers) that prevent the ball from falling off.

Tips for Playing the Less Common Types of Billiards Games

Types of Billiards Games

You probably already know how to play the standard 8-ball pool and may have heard of the word snooker before. But do you know there are other, less common, varieties of pool? Here are five different types of billiards games you should learn if you are looking for a fun challenge that’s not the standard […]

What Are the Health Benefits of Playing Billiards?


A lot of people love playing billiards, as it is a great way to improve your own skill, or simply pass the time with friends. However, there’s more to playing billiards than you might think, and we don’t just mean technique. Playing billiards actually has some health benefits. While you may not have thought about […]

Types of Pool Players and Their Unique Requirements

Pool Players

Playing pool has been a favorite choice for many. You might play it in leisure as a hobby or professionally in leagues. There would be different reasons but what remains common is your playing type which can be categorized based on your playing skills. Though this typology would just be a model and you might […]

Revealing the Facts about Pool Game Myths

Pool Game Myths

There are different perceptions about the game of pool and pool players. Movies and stories that used pool or pool players to showcase a certain scenario have created these fantasies. It’s important to know the facts that debunk these myths. Here are some most common cliches that you might have come across about pool and […]

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