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See Your Next Set of Barstools at Our Southern California Store

Buying furniture online may feel uncomfortable, especially when choosing chairs. If you live near the City of Industry in Southern California, you can see exactly how the barstools look and feel at A&C Billiards and Barstools. We have an open showroom and store in California for our customers to browse as an addition to our […]

Barstool Height: The Correct Height

Seat heights should pair with the task of the chairs. Barstools must have the correct measurements to keep people seated at the ideal height. The barstool height required will depend on the use of these seats. Find the right use for various heights of stools. Short and Table-Height Stools  Technically, table-height stools differ little from […]

Uses for New Barstools Beyond Bars

Even homes without bars can have uses for barstools. These convenient seating options have more applications in other spaces around the house than just as perches for drinkers at a bar. Both old and new barstools can see renewed life in almost any room of the home. Barstools in Kitchens Kitchens with breakfast bars or […]

Custom Barstools: Finding the Right Height

Ordering custom barstools comes with multiple options to choose from. Among the most important choices to make is the height. Barstools that are too short or too tall will make sitting on them at a counter or bar uncomfortable. Properly sized barstools are crucial for ensuring that people use them as intended. Find out about […]

The Many Styles of Barstools

Barstools come in multiple styles, each with its own attributes. When choosing barstools for a space, the use of the seats should be the first decision. Not all rooms can accommodate barstools with full height backs on them. Before narrowing down the colors and materials used on the stools, learn about the variety of styles […]

Custom Barstools to Match Any Décor

While barstools have a myriad of styles, colors, and materials in their construction, stock models may not match existing décor in a space. Custom barstools let the buyer choose all attributes of the stools to ensure a perfect fit in any room. With choices including the material of the stool, fabric covering, height, and design, […]

A Complete Guide for Choosing Outdoor Bar Stools

Outdoor Bar Stools

There is nothing more relaxing than enjoying a cold beer or your favorite drink outside when the weather is nice. Outdoor bars can be really cozy and are just now becoming trendy. To set up a nice outdoor bar, you need to choose the right bar stools to compliment your design. Here’s a checklist to […]

The Perfect Barstool: Zeroing in on the Choice


Today, barstools come in different sizes and designs and are becoming increasingly important furniture in the house. The versatility of the stools make them an excellent option for outfitting any area of the home whether it be in the basement, game room, kids’ play area or the bar. Whether you need a barstool for everyday […]

5 Things To Follow Before Buying A Barstool


Are you looking to buy counter barstools to refurbish your kitchen and provide it a new look? Before providing your credit card details, you need to make sure that you are following certain criteria to be able to buy just the right things. Here are five critical things to keep in mind when you want […]

Important Things to Consider When Buying Bar and Pub Tables

Buying Bar and Pub Tables

Choosing bar and pub tables for your entertaining space can feel a little tricky with so many different options in the market. The fact is that right bars and pub tables shop can help you a great deal when looking for the best option. Use this guide to learn more about finding the ideal solution […]

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