Can You Use Custom Barstools Outside?

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If you want to use your custom barstools outside on a patio or at a poolside bar, you need to think carefully about the ways that you customize them. The materials will influence the longevity of the seats and how long they stay looking great. Generally, if you want to use your customized barstools outside, you should have them in a covered area, such as a patio, and bring them inside overnight or during wet weather. These measures will protect the chairs from damage, especially if you don’t specify weather-resistant materials.

Good Construction Material Options for Outdoor Custom Barstools

If you want good materials for outdoor barstools, choose options that are naturally resistant to moisture and light. Stainless steel, aluminum, and wood are good material options for the construction of your barstools. Choose either aluminum or wood if you want lightweight seats that you can easily move inside during bad weather. Or, select stainless steel if you want durable barstools that winds won’t blow away.

Fabrics for Outdoor Custom Barstools

The materials used for your outdoor barstools need to dry quickly and avoid fading. Natural fabrics are not the best option for barstools that you use in areas exposed to the outdoors because they fade quickly. The best performers outside are synthetic materials. For instance, indoor/outdoor barstools usually use Sunbrella canvas and quick-dry cushions for their materials. You will only want cushioned barstools if you will bring them inside during rainy or humid times.

Caring for Your Outdoor Custom Barstools 

Performance in outdoor settings of customized barstools cannot be guaranteed due to the numerous variables involved in creating the seat. However, if you take diligent care of your new chairs, they can last for years, which includes using them in a covered area, protected from direct sunlight and rain.

If you choose more heat, light, or moisture-sensitive materials for the construction or upholstery, bring the barstools inside at the end of the day or during inclement weather. Following the manufacturer’s care instructions for your custom barstool will also help increase the longevity of these seats.

Start the Customization Process for Your Outdoor or Indoor Barstools at A&C Billiards and Barstools

So, can you use customized barstools outside? The answer depends on the options you choose and how you care for the seats.

Customizing your barstools, whether you use them inside or out, puts you in control over the construction materials, style, and more. Your new seats will have the perfect design for your patio or interior. If you need assistance with customizing your barstools, contact us online. You can also drop by our City of Industry, CA, showroom to see some of our barstools in person. We have everything you need for setting up a rec room, game room, patio, or entertainment spot right here at A&C Billiards and Barstools.





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