Build a Game Room for the Holidays

This holiday season, a game room is a gift that will last, adding value to the home and an elegant space to relax. With a game room, family and friends have a space to gather at home. Therefore, no matter what happens in the outside world, home always has an oasis from it all.

Bar Taps and Bar Accessories for a Gaming Room 

Customize bar taps in a home gaming room. These bar taps are professional grade covers to make pouring drinks easier. Choosing taps that correspond to the drinks poured ensures easy identification of the available options.

When pouring drinks, having glassware in ample supply will make the process faster. Additionally, the more glasses at the bar, the less cleaning between gatherings are needed. Check out the selection of logos and other designs on our glassware.

Brighten Up a Game Room with Many Lighting Options

To create the mood of a game room, nothing beats neon lights. These lights include various sports team logos to show support in a home game room or bar.

For game tables, neon lights won’t suffice because they are not bright enough. Therefore, installing billiard lights over game tables will ensure the game surface does not have dark areas that impede play.

However, for poker play, the light cannot cast a glare on the cards that players hold. Nor can lighting allow for shadows to fall over the players’ hands. Therefore, a single shaded light over the center of the table provides the best option. Poker table lights include decorative glass shades that have logos from various sports teams.

Gaming Tables 

A game room is nothing without gaming tables. However, the options range beyond foosball and pool tables, although these should be staples of any home gaming space. Other options include ping pong tables, air hockey, custom poker tables, shuffleboard, and more. Find favorites for those who will use the room for maximum effect, especially if the gaming space will serve as a holiday gift.

Create the Ideal Game Room as a Holiday Gift with Help from A&C Billiards and Barstools

Let A&C Billiards and Barstools provide everything needed for a gaming space for the holidays. Browse the online store, stop by our store in City of Industry, California, or contact us with questions about availability, our products, or services. From game tables to furnishing, lighting to accessories, we have all the vital components of the ultimate game room.


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