Break These Pool Myths

The game of pool comes with numerous myths about gameplay and equipment. Learning what advice has its roots in myth will let you break the myths and improve your play. Find out pool myths and how they fail in the information they offer.

Premium Chalk Is Always Better

The type of pool chalk depends less on how you use it and how often you apply it. If you regularly use chalk correctly, standard brands should provide you with the friction needed. Some players, though prefer the extra friction and smoother application of premium chalk, such as those from brands like Kamui or Master.

Your Stance Must Match That of a Professional Pool Player

Player stance varies as much as the sizes of pool players. Therefore, your most comfortable stance for aiming and shooting may differ from someone else’s. The proper stance depends on the player’s height, cue ball location, size of the pool table, stroke clearance, and more. In fact, the stance can even change for players between shots. Don’t get hung up on having the perfect stance.

Tighter Grips Deliver More Power

Holding tightly onto the cue will reduce the control you have over the shot and the power behind it. A relaxed grip can improve how you feel a response from the cue and how it strikes the cue ball. If you feel cramps in your hand from playing pool, your grip is too tight.

A High-End Cue Improves Bad Play

No matter how expensive your cue, if you do not use the proper techniques when playing, you will still play poorly. Good cues cannot compensate for poor use of the cue. However, as you practice and improve in your playing ability, a high-quality cue can help to give you the feedback and performance that matches your play. Therefore, over time, you should own a series of pool cues as you become a better pool player. 

A&C Billiards and Barstools Has Pool Tables, Balls, Cues, Accessories, and More

Break the pool myths that you have learned through first-hand play. Owning a pool table is the best way to learn the game because you will have access to the table at all times. Frequent play and quality accessories can make it easier to improve your playing technique and unlearn the pool myths that you’ve heard. See our selection at A&C Billiards and Barstools or contact us if you have any questions.


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